Rehabilitation in the privacy of your own pool at home

We all know that water is a great healer and that low impact Aquatic rehab therapy is especially beneficial…

..but it isn’t always comfortable to get undressed down to your swimming togs at a public pool, especially when you are feeling vulnerable following injury or illness….

Water Immersion

Having your own pool at home allows you to rehabilitate in complete privacy at your own pace. You can set the water temperature to suit your own needs and you can even choose to allow the warm water to do all the work and just lie there supported in the harness and know you are actually healing! This is because hydrostatic pressure is a natural benefit of water immersion.

It is the force exerted on your immersed body by the water molecules themselves. The real advantage is that just being in warm water is beneficial – the exact opposite to the common mantra “no pain no gain”!

Water Exercise

As you start to feel a little better you can add some simple water exercise such a walking and swinging your arms through the water as you move. You’ll be surprised how quickly you regain your energy & levels of fitness.

Warm water immersion helps to reduce muscle spasms & facilitate gentle movement and just being immersed in warm water actually helps with pain management too.

Warm Water Therapy

As your immune system is stimulated and your circulation improves so too will your body’s pain sensitivity be reduced. Warm water therapy has been shown to reduce even chronic pain afflictions such as fibromyalgia.

Surgery Rehabilitation

Following surgery such as a hip or knee replacement or simply the immobilisation of a broken bone, your pool gives you a safe place to regain movement in stiff joints and because the water supports your weight you will find it so much easier to move. This weightlessness allows surgery rehabilitation recovery begin much sooner than would normally be possible.

And remember you can even help prepare your body for scheduled surgery by working on strengthening the muscles around the knee or hip joint for instance so that you will recover faster.

You can add to your rehabilitation by incorporating fun exercises using the specially designed SwimFitBells into your rehab routine. Download our exercise suggestions or devise your own.  You can increase your workout by simply angling the paddles for maximum resistance