I'm fitter at 50 - I swam a mile!!

WOW – I swam a mile in one go in under 40 minutes!! I’m so chuffed with myself!! When we got our pool just over a year ago I struggled to do even a tenth of this!! And I’ve just turned 50! Swimming every day really increases fitness!

I still use a snorkel & mask so I don’t have to raise my head to breathe even though the salt water doesn’t sting my eyes like in a chlorine pool.  It’s just much more relaxing and better for my neck & shoulders….and of course floating with pool noodles afterwards is my special reward!

And you can even celebrate in style!!!

For maximum enjoyment all year round in Northern Europe & Ireland it is certainly recommended to add the heated package! We certainly couldn’t have had a pool party in April in Ireland unless we a heated pool lol!!