Installation, Dimensions and Delivery

Both the iPool Swim and iPool Fit are the same size (2.1m x 3m), however, the difference is in the height, as the iPool Swim is 1.15m high with 90cm water depth while the iPool Fit is 1.37m high with 120cm water depth.

Additionally, the iPool Swim holds 5600 litres of water, while the iPool Fit holds 8300 litres of water.

The iPool Swim dimensions are 2.1m x 3m x 1.15m. The water depth is approximately 90cm.

The larger iPool Fit dimensions are 2.1m x 3m x 1.37m. The water depth is approximately 120cm.

Both pools are freestanding above ground units that can be installed either inside or outdoors. It can fit into a place no smaller than 2.6m x 3.5m.

The iPool Swim needs 2.26m clearance while the iPool Fit needs 2.44m clearance.

The iPool Swim / iPool Fit is a freestanding above ground unit that can be installed either inside or outdoors. It can fit into a place no smaller than 2.6m x 3.6m. It must be installed in a place that is level, smooth and free of any objects that can damage the pool. If it is installed indoors, the floor must be able to withstand several tons of weight and have a way to drain water without damaging the property. We also offer optional expert installation within Ireland – you will need to organise an electrician to wire the heater though.

Unique patented swim harness and frame system

Galvanised steel frame with ladder

Liner made from heavy duty multi-layered river rafting material

Intex Filter Pump with timer

The iPool Swim / iPool Fit can be easily installed by two people within an hour. Please refer to our installation video here to walk you through the steps for pool and ladder installation. We also offer optional expert installation within Ireland – you will need to organise an electrician to wire the heater though.

The Filter pump plugs into the timer and the timer plugs straight into a normal socket.

The Saltwater systems plugs straight into a normal socket.

The heater must be installed in accordance with the country / regional requirements and regulations. In any event the work must be carried out by a qualified electrician, who will provide a certificate of conformity upon completion of the work. It is essential that the power supply to the heater is protected by a 30mA RCD (Residual Current Device). If in doubt consult a qualified Electrician.

We will endeavour to answer all emails in a timely manner – for urgent queries please call Jacko on +353 86 2305120.

The iPool Swim / iPool Fit are shipped to your door on a pallet. There are easy-to-install instructions that walk you through it step-by-step. The iPool Swim / iPool Fit can be assembled by 2 people in about 1 hour. View our installation video here.

Delivery to your door is included in the price of the iPool Swim & iPool Fit, within the UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy & Portugal. Contact us for other EU destinations.

Delivery is usually within 2 weeks of order. To double-check ETA please give us a call or drop us an email.

Unique Features of the SwimFitPool

The unique Swim Harness allows you to swim without turning and attaches to the Bungee line. The Swim Harness circles the waist with clips to the front. It has Velcro straps and is very comfortable to wear and can be easily adjusted to fit a person with a 56cm waist up to a 107cm waist. When an additional harness is added the diameter can be increased to a 153cm waist.

This swim harness also enables you to do any swimming stroke you choose, including backstroke and butterfly, not usually possible in a small pool!

There is as much resistance as you want! If you want more resistance in your workout, then simply swim harder into the harness.

The harness position can be altered to the top of the arch for leisure swimming and beginners or moved to the rear of the arch which provides far more resistance more suitable for strong swimmers & athletes.

Our Pool costs much less to install and has less water to maintain than traditional lap pools. It allows you to have full workout in a small area without the hassle of turning around. For parents who have children, traditional swimming pools can be dangerous areas requiring supervision. With iPool, children can enjoy swimming with the safety of the harness. And with the unique safety ladder, the steps can be easily raised out of reach of children.

And there is the added benefit of no annoying jets of water being pushed into your face!

The benefits of a saltwater system are low maintenance, no more red eyes and no noticeable pool chlorine smell. Immersion in salt water has proven health benefits and our water is only a 1/10 of sea-water so you get the benefit without the taste!

We supply all our pools with the Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System which eliminates the need to frequently add conventional packaged chlorine. When salt passes through the Intex system’s electrolytic cell, it is re-energized into chlorine, which is converted again into algae and bacteria-destroying agents every time it flows through an electrolytic cell. Unlike chlorinated pools, the salt is mixed in the water only once and you don’t have to constantly replace the water.

The iPool is built to last with powder coated galvanised steel frame & ladder.

The Liner is made of a durable, lightweight mesh layer composed of high quality polyester thread, a strong material used in the fishing industry that is then layered with UV resistant vinyl coating.  There are five layers of protection and liners have the above average tear strength of 770psi with triple reinforced seams & floor and are designed to meet ASTM standards for durability and strength. Our pools are pressure tested and pounded with hundreds of pounds of force continuously for days at a time.

Yes, it really does work! You can swim against the harness at whatever speed you would like, meaning you set the speed yourself. No turning around in a pool or needing to change the flow of water. If you want to change your workout, you can change the position of the harness. The iPool Swim / iPool Fit was designed for resistance swimming to help work and strengthen the cardiovascular system without the stress and impact on your joints.

Maintenance & Running Costs

Delivery to your door is included in the price of the iPool Swim & iPool Fit, within the UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy & Portugal.

Delivery is usually within 2 weeks of order. To double-check ETA please give us a call or drop us an email.

Not at all!

The iPool Swim / iPool Fit uses an Intex easy-clean filter pump system and Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater system to help clean the water.

Weekly Care:  The most important factor is monitoring the pH once a week to ensure the pH level is between 7.0 to 7.6 as well as running the filter pump 3 hours daily and the Saltwater system for 1 hour daily. Doing so will help in preventing algae and other organisms from growing in the pool.

Your pool bottom will need to be vacuumed on a regular schedule to remove debris and particulate matter that has settled to the bottom. Vacuum heads, rollers and brushes should be inspected to make sure there are no sharp edges that can slice the pool bottom. Vacuums, such as Bestway Poolclear are recommended.

Take caution when installing or removing any pool equipment such as ladders, as carelessness could result in damage to your PVC membrane.

We recommend running the filter pump for 3 hours a day, the heater runs at the same time. We recommend running the Saltwater system for 1 hour a day to keep your pool sparkling clear.

With heavy use we recommend you increase the times above, especially if a bunch of kids play in the pool for several hours!!

The heater increases the temperature approximately 1degree an hour. The first time you operate the heater, you will probably need to run it overnight to achieve water warmth. With your insulation package and solar blanket the heat loss is approx. 2/3 degrees per day. Simply run the heater for 3 hours per day to compensate for the heat loss.

The Elecro 6kw heater comes with thermostat which you can set at your preferred temperature.

All you need to do is use the one timer linked to the filter pump. The heater will shut off once the filter pump stops pumping as the heater is equipped with a no flow sensor.

We recommend running the Saltwater system for 1 hour a day to keep your pool sparkling clear.

Once a month check the filter on the pump and check the 2 electrolytic cells on the Saltwater system to make sure they are not clogged up and clean if necessary. See Intex manuals.

No. The saltwater system takes care of this, when you fill the pool with water you then add the appropriate amount of salt, the salt will stay in the pool.

We supply your pool with a 25kg bag of swimming pool salt.

For the iPool Swim you need to add 17kgs of salt.

For the iPool Fit you need to add 25kgs of salt.

We suggest the filter cartridge is replaced once per month for normal to heavy use; for light to normal use every 2 months should be sufficient.

We suggest that you change the pool water every six to twelve months.

To ensure you don’t inadvertently flood your area, we supply the pool fitted with external valves to the pipe couplings. These should be closed before any maintenance commences!!  See picture

Leaks are generally very rare because our liners are factory inspected and have five layers of protection. Nevertheless, accidents may happen and we have included a pool repair kit for your convenience. The glue that we use is a special fast acting adhesive designed for the fabric liner and will work even factoring in the pool pressure.

The pool does not need to be drained in order to use the repair kit. Please cut out one patch piece square, about the size of your thumb, apply the glue to the non-shiny side of the patch and stick over the small leak point, holding it firmly for about one to two minutes. Then please cut out another patch piece that is bigger and wider than the first patch piece, place the glue on the non-shiny side, and stick it over your original patch piece holding it firmly for one to two minutes. This second layer will serve as a reinforcement for your seal.

Having a body of water inside will always raise some concern for humidity. Many of our customers keep their iPool Swim / iPool Fit in their basements, garage, conservatories. We advise to keep the pool covered with the Solar Blanket when not in use and to open up the windows when possible to provide air flow. This will help substantially in reducing humidity.

Corrosive water can damage the filter pump, heater, and potentially discolour the liner as well.

We recommend using pH strips weekly to make sure the water chemistry is correct. Please consult an accredited pool supply store to locate the correct products to control your water chemistry levels. There is a set of water testing strips included with your pool order.

Recommended Water Chemistry Levels

pH 7.2-7.8 (7.4-7.6 is considered ideal)

Total Alkalinity (ppm) 80-120

Calcium Hardness (ppm) 200-350

Salt (ppm) 2800-3000 maximum

Free Chlorine (ppm) 2-3

Total Dissolved Solids (ppm) 3000 maximum, ideal is 1000-2000.

  • Running the heater for 3 hours a day costs between €10 – €20 a week depending on your electricity rates.
  • Using the timer to use night saver electricity if available reduces this cost considerably.
  • Make sure you find the best electricity rates and check with your electricity provider for night-saver rates.
  • Costs will also vary depending on the required temperature and location of your pool. 3 hours daily keeps our pool at a balmy 30 degrees.