Saltwater pools are low maintenance

The benefits of a saltwater system are low maintenance, no more red eyes and no noticeable pool chlorine smell. The Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System eliminates the need to add chlorine. When pool salt passes through the Intex system’s electrolytic cell, it is re-energized into chlorine, which is converted again into algae and bacteria-destroying agents as it flows through the electrolytic cell. Immersion in salt water has proven health benefits and with only a tenth of the salt as seawater, you get the benefit without the taste!


It’s Crystal Clear!!


Did you ever notice after swimming in a chlorinated pool that harsh chemical smell on your skin that lingers long after you’d left the pool? That is caused by high levels of chlorine as well as the chloramines that are produced in these pools. It’s important to note, chloramine isn’t produced with a saltwater pool system.

Swimming in a saltwater pool helps cleanse your skin and saltwater is great for rejuvenating and exfoliating our largest organ. And as a natural moisturiser, saltwater increases our skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. With these exceptional health benefits, it’s hard to argue against the virtues of a saltwater pool.

Enjoy swimming every day when you have your own saltwater pool at home. Inside or outside, it will bring you hours of relaxation &  enjoyable exercise in your own home.

For maximum enjoyment all year round in Northern Europe & Ireland it is certainly recommended to add the heated package!