Building a Log Cabin pool room

In late March we moved our pool outdoors as the room the pool had been in was again being used as an office. Even though I very much enjoyed swimming outdoors when the weather was nice, it wasn’t something we could count on. Even though the pool was lovely & warm with the heater & insulation working perfectly, the weather changes very quickly in Ireland and several times I had to contend with hailstones pummelling me!!  I do like my creature comforts so we we decided to build a log cabin as a pool room.

The pool needs a minimum of 2.6m x 3.5m so we chose to build a log cabin  3.5m x 4.5m to allow space to walk around the edges. Keep in mind that headroom of 1.2m is needed for the iPool Swim and nearly 1.4m is needed for the deeper iPool Fit.

With the added benefit that visitors can now come and try our pool.

I simply can’t state enough what a joy it is to have my own pool and just how luxurious it feels to swim and relax at home – I highly recommend it!