Benefits of Water Therapy at home

Benefits of Water Therapy at home

Aquatic rehab therapy is especially beneficial as it enables low impact fitness due to the many natural properties of water

Emotional Benefits – who doesn’t love to relax in a warm pool? Aquatic therapy has been shown to relieve anxiety & stress and to enable a feeling of calm well-being – quite simply immersion in water can help you find calm and let your mind drift from day to day issues.

Simply being in warm water encourages you to relax. Immersion in warm water is a natural pain reliever which automatically improves circulation, increases cell metabolism and increases blood flow – and that is without even exercising!! Exercising in warm water increases elasticity in muscles tissue so it’s win win!


Water Buoyancy – When the body is supported by water it reduces pressure on all the joints & musculature, improving flexibility & increasing core stability. It makes it easier to improve posture and leads to increased muscle tone and aerobic endurance. Submersion simply helps take the weight off – decreasing weight bearing by up to 90%!!


Hydrostatic pressure is another natural benefit of water immersion – It is the force exerted on your immersed body by the water molecules themselves. The real advantage is that just being in water is beneficial – the exact opposite to the common mantra “no pain no gain”!!

Hydrostatic pressure further increases metabolic rates and therefore the calories consumed while at the same time reducing heart rate & arterial pressure through assisting circulation. It actually aids your veins returning blood to your heart.

Resistance – Due to water’s viscosity there is a natural resistance which is proportional to the effort expended against it. In simple terms this means that water amplifies the benefits of exercising in the water by as much as 40% the comparable benefit in the air! The heart works harder providing blood to the muscles, which results in cardiovascular fitness, as well as overall toning.

Surface Tension – Cohesion & surface tension cause water molecules to bond together. This means that any exercise which involves lifting your limbs or body above the water surface is more difficult encouraging you to work that bit harder. This can bring intensity to a particular area or joint while the rest of the body is supported.


SwimFitBells are specially designed to help you make the most use of your pool. Download our 36 exercise suggestions or devise your own – you can add tension by simply turning the paddles for maximum resistance and if you are truly dedicated they can be filled with water for added oomph!!

Water itself is the real hero of this story however and all you really need for your perfect rehab swimming pool is your own iPool Swim / iPool Fit. With the patented swim harness you can do any swimming stroke at whatever intensity you prefer in your own heated saltwater pool at home.

Apart from the joy of swimming we have discovered as a family that a really easy & fun exercise is to simply jog in the water following the walls of the pool – it seems simple but once you’ve done a few laps change your direction and you too will understand the natural power of water resistance!!

Above all enjoy & remember to #SwimEveryDay while you #SwimAtHome in your #HeatedSaltWaterPool