Endless swimmig with Patented Swim Harness

Resistance Swimming in your own pool at home

Resistance Swimming in your own endless pool at home

Our unique patented Swim Harness allows affordable endless swimming in your own pool at home

Resistance Swimming with our Dual Tether system allows such diversity that children can safely swim in the same pool which offers stronger swimmer a challenge. By adjusting the knobs which control the placement of the bungee cords you can easily adjust the level of resistance. Calibration from 90 degrees for a relaxed swim or a beginner down to 45 degrees for resistance that even Olympic level swimmers find challenging!

Suitable for any swimmer from beginner to accomplished athlete, the unique Dual Tether system can be readily calibrated to adjust the support & resistance and allows any swim stroke including backstroke & even butterfly giving a superior swimming experience.

And of course as you aren’t competing with a jet of water powering towards your head you can simply vary your speed and intensity as suits you. With no potentially dangerous jet of water ready to push an unwary swimmer downwards you are free to swim any stroke you desire, even the backstroke & butterfly!!!

The Harness fits comfortably around your waist and supports your body’s weight – it circles your waist clipping to the front and the girth can be adjusted easily with Velcro straps. Although we find that one size fits our whole family from age 9 to 49!!

I must admit that one of my favourite things to do is float lazily while being gently supported by the harness – just my little reward for my exercise!!

Best of all, the iPool Swim & iPool Fit are uniquely affordable pools which cost a fraction of the cost of a bulky swim spa!

So go ahead – I know you’ll enjoy having your own heated indoor swimming pool at home just as much as we do!!