SwimFitPool Launch

You might well wonder why we created SwimFitPool!!

You might well wonder why we set up a swimming pool business!!

I’ve always dreamed of one day having my own pool but the lack of space & the high cost usually knocked the idea as soon as I looked into it!

Then around December 2016 I was on a cocktail of painkillers and looking at the prospect of a second round of shoulder surgery when my surgeon suggested that I really needed regular low impact swimming exercise. Using public pools didn’t work as it complicated my neck & shoulder strain – I needed my own pool where I could swim with my head down to avoid strain. And of course there was the issue of Chlorine in public pools and my family’s increasing intolerance of it.

On & off over the last few years I had spent quite a bit of time researching how I could possibly shoehorn a pool into our normal size house and how on earth we could afford it it.

And so when I came across the iPool system which needs less than 9ft x 12ft so we took the plunge and placed an order!

Naturally we hadn’t thought of all the pesky details such as import duty,  airport clearance fees which were all on top of the €950 shipping cost; and then we had an unholy import Vat bill before customs clearance! Just as well really we hadn’t realised the true cost at the outset. We got our own pool  in February 2017 – put it together in under 2 hours – and were so impressed that we decided to introduce it to Europe!

We realised that many people like us dream of having their own pool but can neither afford the €15k – 25k cost of a SwimSpa nor the large space usually needed. The innovative iPool allows a full swimming experience and  needs less than 9ft x 12ft.

Our very own swimming pool!!

Fast forward several hectic months bringing us to the official launch of SwimFitPool. We wanted to share the joy and sheer indulgence of owning your own pool at home and created an easy to order package for our European clients (when we had shipped our pool from America it cost us nearly a thousand euros to get it to Ireland and then we had import duties & airport clearance costs & VAT on top of everything!! And then all the electrical components were the wrong voltage! Lot’s to contend with…not to mention EU regulations etc.)

Based in Waterford, we are the sole European distributors importing the patented iPool systems to Europe. The SwimFitPool package includes Intex filter pump & Salt water systems from Holland; specialist pool heater from Elecro in the UK and even pool salt from Belgium. And with a price-tag of €4,500 including delivery to your door having your own pool at home has finally become something of an affordable luxury! You order online, everything arrives to your door within a week and you can install it yourself in under 2 hours. The filter pump & salt water system are plug & play and you just need a qualified electrician to wire the 6Kw heater to your electricity supply. Fill the pool; throw in the salt; switch on the pumps & heater and in less than a day you’ll have a nice warm pool ready to swim, play, exercise or relax in……and everything is up to EU regulations. And with night saver electricity it costs under a tenner a week to keep at a balmy 30 degrees!!

As the pool measures just 7ft x 10ft you need less than a 9ft x 12ft space! There’s no unnecessary jet of water to swim against, just an easy to use harness on a bungee with which you can alter your stroke and intensity as you go. And because of the salt water system you add no chemicals at all and only need to change the water once or twice a year!

My own recovery

Just to keep you up to date on my own recovery – I now swim for 10 – 15 mins a morning, doing gentle breaststroke with my head down using snorkel and I am down to just 1 painkiller a day! And I’ve avoided surgery so I can absolutely recommend resistance swimming at home for health as well as pure enjoyment and relaxation!

I have to say it stills feels so luxurious to be able to swim every day before work in my own pool at home – the morning sunlight dappling through the water is gorgeous. Even more indulgent though is swimming in your own warm pool when it’s cold and the rain is battering against the roof – my private escape!!

And I love having a business where we can make a difference in people’s lives – to their health & fitness, enjoyment and wellbeing.

Carmel Kikkers